Sunday, January 20, 2013

Be Still My Heart

As a stylist and designer  I am in awe of really good styling.  I did a post awhile back about FLOR  and their absolutely gorgeous catalog, they totally "get it". When a company has the ability thru print ads or commercials to grab your attention and make you want to take in every aspect of that space, they have gotten it... I never really knew Hinkley lighting and I'm not even sure that I love their products but I can say that I love their styling and I've bookmarked their online catalog.  For me this space makes me look at everything;  those black brackets holding up the open shelf, the gorgeous black steel doors, the simple parsons table with the fantabulous (I know it's not a word) Sister Parish Burma fabric upholstered stool (I want that). I used the same fabric years ago on a clients bedskirt and pillows, still love it.  It just works.   Contrast abound here; the stark white flat walls with all the black contrasts, the textured wicker chair next to the the simple  clean white parsons table..oo la la... And of course those gorgeous pendant light fixtures... Try doing this on your own, paint your window trim black and add some black framed images. Pick up a West Elm parsons table, they are so reasonable and last forever, mix it up as a desk with a wicker chair, or add some of the gunmetal stools from Crate and Barrel (on my last post) as an island...FInd an old stool at a garage sale or flea market and have it upholstered or slipcovered with fabric that makes you sing. Ikea has some really great light fixtures for very little money, try them out.

 HEKTAR pendant from Ikea  $29.99

Who said that white walls were boring...not me.  I love white walls (if you didn't already know that), any neutral color would work but I'm loving the white.. By adding these amazing elements to this space you create so much interest without over-doing it.  All the textures and interest come to life without cluttering the space. The brown mohair or velvet sofa, the old bound books, the coral reaching out of the container on that beautiful old table and oh yes, and those light fixtures.....

This kitchen is brilliant, in my next house I'm incorporating the horizontal painted paneling (i'm sending that out to the universe). I'm  in love with the glass front fridge, the Carrera island makes me weep(not really but you totally get it), The cylinder vase with green hydrangea is perfect, it all works so well together and yes, those fixtures....

Loving all the contrast in this bathroom.  All the black and white. Subway tile installed 3/4ths of the wall is brilliant with the dark gray grout...consider doing this in a bathroom if you are renovating or building, it's beautiful but also really practical, say good bye to dirty walls.  The styling is perfect...that little stool with the white coral...and I do really like these light fixtures.

I'm not digging this fixture but I love the bathroom. People tend to forget finishing off the bathroom, why not make it a gallery like space. Pick up inexpensive frames from ikea or West Elm and have your favorite images blown up.  I love the black  and white images but anything would work.

This room is flipping gorgeous.  I'm a huge fan of repetition, this wall of framed landscapes is amazing. Look for prints at flea markets or antique stores, you can find them for little money, frame them yourself with frames from Ikea, West Elm, Pottery Barn.  I did the same thing in my living room with bird prints from Brimfield.  They cost me $5.00 each and the frames were from West Elm, I never get tired of looking at them and I din't break the bank doing it.

Here they are in my living room. Photo by Eric Roth

And last but certainly not least, make a great first impression by creating that feel outside as well as inside.  The front of your home can be transformed easily and inexpensively by following the same design tools use use inside on the outside.  New light fixtures make a HUGE difference, try adding a great container with some type of plant that will last the season in front of your home.  Keep is simple but beautiful and it will make you sing.
Have fun...
All my best, kelly
All images other than the Eric Roth image are from the Hinkley Catalog


A Perfect Gray said...

have I mentioned that I adore you?

so glad you are back. great piece.


Sherry said...

The room with the velvet sofa and the dining room with the framed landscapes is the home of interior designer Betty Burgess. Her home was featured in Southern Accents a few years ago. Love her home. I like the lighting she actually used in the space better than what they used for the catalog though.

Love all your suggestions!

The Vintique Object said...

Yay! Great post. Love your advie about repetition and finding inexpensive prints to frame. Sy of these pictures are very pin-able. Here I go.

An Urban Cottage said...

Great stuff! The room with the velvet sofa is gorgeous and I love that the cushions on the sofa aren't perfect. I love the suggestion that the room is used...or was just used.


Your living room is so gorgeous....and htat first image is stylist Jill Sharp Brinsons house. It's pretty gorgeous! Thanks for a great informing post.

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