Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tweet, Treat and Peek

WOW, say that three times fast. I have been wonderfully busy and have not had time to blog.  However I have been tweeting? Twittering? Making Tweets? (I know really?)My web and PR person; Luke Bunting has suggested I join Twitter (it makes me chuckle even to write that).  We have gone back and forth over this and I truly believe that  no one really cares what I do on an hourly, daily, monthly why tweet???  OK, I've started (now you're chuckeling). I'm not really sure what a hash-tag is and I'm not really sure I'm tweeting correctly, yet I've reluctantly joined the twitter-sphere.  One of my first tweets was about my favorite plant; White Geraniums....They are out and they are beautiful.  White Geraniums make any vase or vessel look amazing, they add so much to any room and they are sooooooooo reasonable...Enjoy them while they are out and follow me if you dare on twitter..OYE.

Now onto my treat, I had the pleasure of shooting again for Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont with the fabulously talented photographer Jim Westphalen and his team of amazing shooters, Bill and Lenny.  We covered many of the spaces there and  had the pleasure of shooting Katie Ridder's new spaces in Hillside and Grotto.  I can't show everything at this point but I'll give you a glimpse of what she did...BRILLIANT.

And now onto my Sneak Peek.  I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with a client in a neighboring town .  This client called me after she saw my article in Yankee Magazine about my home.  She thought it was serendipitous that she loved and connected to my style and we  basically lived  five minutes from each other.  My client and her husband in their early seventies (yup 70's) have decided to change things up a bit.  Out goes the wallpaper in every room, out goes the mantle and fireplace that they never liked, out goes the colored rugs. There will be new paint for the oak kitchen cabinets, a new mantle, new crown molding , new window treatments and new furnishing.   I've been so lucky to work with them on this project and so lucky to have the dream team on this project.  Ritchie Burns of R &B concepts is the GC and master carpenter.  Ray Heatley of Clover painting is the master painter , Jim Matta of Lauren Michaels is my go-to window treatment creator...Yeah.  I'll be sending images as we go along but here are a few for starters.  .
 The mantel my client never liked

phase 1 of our new mantle by Richie Burns
Before (After soon to come )

And last but not least.  I did this cute crafty idea for Yankee magazine years ago, it would make a great Mother's Day gift.  SO easy to do and so affordable.  Apothecary jar , chalk board paint ,bird seed and chalk .

Monday, March 25, 2013

Never Pinterest while on a diet

Never Pinterest while on a diet or when broke.... That's right, my latest addiction is Pinterest, my two sisters, Susan Farrington and Renee Grady are  addicted and they turned me right on to it.  I love so many aspects of it for home and for work.  Here are a few images that caught my eye, made me drool and got me thinking of changing some things around in my house.

all images from Pinterest

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring, Where are you ?

As the Northeast gets walloped with yet another snow storm, I feel the need to have a touch of spring in my life.  So, on a recent trip to the flower market I picked up these green goodies.

And when all else fails or green goodies aren't available, I use jelly beans and white chocolate malted milk eggs for a fix.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crown Point Cabinetry

Crown Point Cabinetry

Back in November I was asked to style this  amazing Falmouth, Massachusetts home for CrownPoint Cabinetry. I had heard of Crown point but wasn't really familiar with their product.  This family run  company was founded over 4o years ago . I had no idea  that their ads have been in major magazines and their cabinets are in homes all over the World.  This Claremont, New Hampshire based company has it right, they use the finest quality products and produce the finest quality cabinets.  They can make any style cabinet that you like for any room that you need them in.  Custom is their forte , if you like shaker, transitional, victorian, modern, they can make it for you... This house was one of their first shoots with a "contemporary" style cabinet.  Peruse thru these images, I bet you'll remember their name too..

I didn't style this Crown Point kitchen but I love everything about it..

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Stupid Love

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, I can honestly say that I'm in "crazy stupid love" with Briggs Edward Solomon's interiors Have you ever looked at the work of a designer that makes your heart go pitter-patter?  Have you ever wanted to take in every bit of that person's style? Have you ever felt like a stalker constantly sneaking over to their site to see if that person has anything new to share?  Well, that's me...I can honestly say that I've been stalking Briggs Edward Solomon's work.  He's fabulous... I love what he does with contrast and could easily move into any one of his spaces...tomorrow.  He's a genius at mixing old with new, black with white, wicker with metal...OY...I'm in love.... enjoy.

All images from Briggs Edward Solomon's website.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Road to the White Duplex

Several years ago I worked with a client in Newton. Her  house was featured in The Boston Globe Magazine (check out the press section of my website to read the entire article)
The article was titled, "The Road to the White House".  It talked about how with the help of my services we were able to create a home that my client loved, using mostly whites, textures and wood.  The exciting news is that after 45 years in this home my client sold her house (in a day) and purchased the first floor of a two story home in neighboring Waltham.  That's where I come in. Luckily for me, she enlisted my help from the get go. This new home is all about the things that she loves, using many of her favorite pieces but also down-sizing and letting go of STUFF. We were so lucky to be able to choose everything (pretty much)as this was a complete interior gut job.  The builder wanted to use dark wood cabinets and we vetoed it, he wanted to use everything that he had used successfully in the past with other clients and we fought him.  I am happy to say that my friend and fabulous photographer Russ Mezikofsky is photographing this space and I'll have new images to share with everyone.  Here a look at some of the other rooms in her old house.

All images Eric Roth