Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Out with the pumpkins, in with the tree...

      With the cold temperatures becoming part of our every day and Thanksgiving right around the corner, the KMH team is getting ready to say farewell to our adorable pumpkin stacks and autumn decor. We thought it would be fun to give you a little holiday inspiration for the winter season! Here are a few festive, yet simple ways to slowly introduce your holiday spirit into your home or work place!

1   tabletop noble fir from Terrain
2   white lanterns from iKea
3   white pillar candles from Crate and Barrel
4   globe lights from Terrain
5   magnolia wreath from Terrain
6   glass cylinder vase from Crate and Barrel
7   tree basket from Serena and Lily 

        With this Friday being Black Friday, the real holiday shopping frenzy sets in and the festivities begin! The KMH design team is wishing everyone a very happy and joyful Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for your visits and look forward to sharing the holiday season with you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night! Cue "All I want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey playing in the office on repeat. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Secrets of a Stylist

“As designers, we love what we see in magazines, 
but truthfully we want our clients to be able to 
live in their homes and have it be practical,” 

-Kelly McGuill

Kelly McGuill Home strives to create an environment for each client that he or she is able to truly enjoy and live in. Living in a home that is constantly looking immaculate is not a realistic way to live. Yes, in magazines and catalogs houses look stunning and effortless; however, the truth is those spaces are styled by professionals. Stylists take out pieces of furniture to create a better composition and sometimes even fake the perspective of furniture for the perfect shot. Here are some easy methods to help style your own home

As one of Kelly's favorites mantras goes... less is more. Spaces begin to come alive when there is not a lot of clutter. Clutter can be a distraction from the focal furniture and accessories. The photo below highlights the pieces of furniture with subtle accessories - simple coffee table tray and books, as well as understated shelving decor. 

Reducing the number of objects on your countertops can make a huge difference in making a space seem instantly larger and more orderly. Kelly enjoys using glass jars, fresh fruit or flowers to make a space come alive. 

Shelving can seem to be an impossible feat when faced with the challenge of filling it. A great way to transform your shelves is to create a balance in various types of objects. For example, you may have some stacked books (horizontal and/or vertical) glass accents, prized objects (trophies, small sculptures, etc.), candle sticks for height and small plants to add some life. A solid balance throughout will make for a both interesting and attractive display.

An easy way to accessorize is with a few smaller books or a couple larger books, try a neutral tray or even fresh flowers or a small plant for some volume. Here's a great side table to add some flare!

Here's to beautiful homes everywhere! Let the charm of your own personal style show and let us know some ways you bring life into your own home! Keep in touch with the Kelly McGuill Home Design Team on our Instagram and website throughout the holidays! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Update on Kelly McGuill Home

        The month of October welcomed an exciting new chapter for Kelly McGuill Home. After nearly ten years in a small, yet beloved space the KMH design team has a new home. We moved into our new office space in the first week of October, located in the town center of Walpole. We are now settled and back into the swing of things! 
Our gorgeous workspace is on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in town, where a ceramics studio existed before us. In a previous post we showed photos of the space in much need of the love and care of Kelly McGuill. The transformation is truly amazing. We had all of the windows painted black and all of the walls painted crisp white. We had every intention to paint the floors black as well because they were in such rough shape; however, when we went to paint we found that we would need to sand the floors down before applying paint. Once we had the floors sanded, we were pleasantly surprised to find gorgeous maple floors and knew we had to refinish them! With new lighting in and the move of our office furniture and sample libraries, we found ourselves settling into Kelly McGuill Home’s new home. 
After our first month here, we have our own work areas established, all of the samples have their own new homes and everything has its own place. There is no question that every day we walk into the office something will be rearranged, but that is expected with the nature of our work! The amount of natural light brings the space to life and the buzzing traffic is now a comforting background noise. The cherry on top - our signs are officially up! We are 'o so' excited to be working on some great commercial projects! The Kelly McGuill Home design team could not be more thrilled for the company and the exciting road ahead!
Here is a little teaser photo of the new office space before we reveal the space as a whole! 
Note: Stella, the KMH mascot's bed has lovely views of all of the passersby under the grand table. 

        Stay tuned for the grand reveal of the space in the next couple of weeks! Check in with us on our website or our Instagram for the day-to-day here at KMH!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Inspiration - Coastal

       As the final days of summer approach us Kelly McGuill Home is eager for autumn in New England, while still cherishing the weekends spent in the sand and easy, beachy living. Coastal style is a clean, simple and functional - what KMH is all about. When we think coastal, our minds jump to crisp whites, soft blues and natural textures. The relaxing atmosphere is achieved in a number of different ways. Whether you are right on the beachfront or hundreds of miles from a body of water, here are some past projects completed by Kelly McGuill Home showcasing the coastal style to help you create your own beachy space.

Waincoting walls and light blue floors for a fun twist
Bright whites to keep things simple
Wooden accents and natural fiber rugs tie the relaxing white space together


Amazing brass accents and grasscloth wall coverings for color and texture
Vintage maps highlight the nautical feel
Light and airy space is possible even in an sophisticated penthouse 
Custom Antique Oar display by Adjective Art & Framing in Boston


Natural Roman shades, wicker baskets and patriotic pattern
How fun are these life preservers?!
A great way to spice up the kid's bedroom by introducing pattern with colorful quilts
Classic nautical style in an outdoor space with reds, whites & blues 

Cheers to a great summer, a happy and relaxing Labor Day weekend and a gorgeous approaching fall in New England from the Kelly McGuill Home design team!

Visit us on our website at kellymcguillhome.com or on Instagram @kellymcguillhome and on our Facebook page!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kelly McGuill Home gets a new home!

       We are oh so excited to share our exciting news that Kelly McGuill Home is moving! As much as we love working in our current office, we have outgrown it and could not be more thrilled to be moving onto the next chapter for KMH. We have been searching for a while and finally found the perfect space for Kelly McGuill Home where we will have meetings with clients, as well as house our amazing library of fabrics, rugs and wall coverings samples. We believe the space has so much potential, but needs a lot of TLC. Here are some inspiration photos we have been oo-ing and ah-ing over for ideas in the new office space!

As you know, we love white walls, so no surprise that every wall will be Benjamin Moore Superwhite - as shown in this inspiration space...

Although the floors are wood, they are in tough shape, so we are painting those black. Here's a look at some of our black floors inspiration...

Those two changes alone will make a  w o r l d  of a difference; however, there is more! Along with installing new light fixtures, the office will be getting a barn track door (swoon) and we're painting the floor-to-ceiling windows black! (double swoon)

VoilĂ ! Here is the great new space Kelly McGuill Home is moving into... Can you believe those amazing windows and all of the natural light we will get?!

We'll be sure to share progress updates as the spaces transforms into our new home! You may visit our website at kellymcguillhome.com, or stay up to date with us on Instagram @kellymcguillhome and on our Facebook page!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things...

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things..."

       Here at Kelly McGuill Home we'll show you how we put our own groove on a space!  These are a few of our favorite things that we believe can be used in any home to help any space come to life!

A go-to of ours because they are a great way to add texture and interest to a space.  They come in a range of prices depending on your budget.

A basic grid layout of art can be a simple solution to a tired wall and really pull a space together.  An easy way to put a fun spin on any room; arranging a grid above a console table in a living room, adding interest in a long hallway, or having an entire gallery wall in a master bedroom.

An alternative take on a doorway, the barn door introduces an unexpected twist on a room with the exposed track and hardware. The door may also be a natural or distressed wood for a neutral accent.

Carrara marble is an investment that is both timeless and durable. It will always be a classic and beautiful look that never goes out of style.

Visit us on Instagram - @kellymcguillhome for more day-to-day happenings here at Kelly McGuill Home!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Going to have to start cooking again...

The McGuill household has been without a kitchen for about a month and a half now. While we have enjoyed exploring the endless local restaurants and not having to cook dinner after a long day of work, we are beyond excited and very ready to have the heart of our home back!

 Here is a look into the before, the demo, and the (almost) after of our kitchen renovation…

This kitchen's birthday would be coming up on twenty-two years old. As much as we loved the simple and functional space, we were ready for our kitchen renovations to get underway!

Here are the bones of the kitchen exposed and ready for a facelift…

We said good-bye to this lovely window as we welcomed three larger windows over the sink.

The wall to the butler's pantry was taken down and already letting more light into the space!

Voila! The (almost) after: the cabinets, appliances and counters are in, as well as the floors refinished.
The space looks amazing with more light than ever

All remaining on the to-do list is install the sink faucet, lighting, open shelving, and finish of the hood. Once that is completed, in will come the furniture, artwork and all the pretties!

 These new, wider french doors replaced the old doors onto the back porch allowing even more light.

 Here shows off the new space with the removal of the wall into the butler's pantry!

We are so pleased with the progress and results thus far as we are full speed ahead to the finish line. We promise to share our kitchen renovation as soon as the finishing touches are completed!