Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Studio Reveal

We are so excited to share photos of our newly transformed studio space with all of you! Our new office has come a long way from when we started the project earlier this fall. It's great what a few cosmetic updates can do - like removing layers of old wallpaper, taking down tile on the walls and adding a fresh coat of paint. We were thrilled with how gorgeous the floors turned out after refinishing them, as well as updating the lighting with a fun industrial twist. The before and after shots are so amazing...





Our new signs and window decals are the cherry on top of our wonderful new space for KMH. 

This project is a perfect example of what a difference an open mind and a fresh coat of paint can make! Cheers to a new chapter for Kelly McGuill Home, as well as a happy holiday season to you all! 


Fran said...

Congratulations! This space is beyond gorgeous! What an accomplishment and well deserved!

Michelle said...


Zaritah Pierre said...

are you renovating it?. it looks good

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Amw Staff said...

I love it! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing informative content on Modular Office Furniture. That plant is awesome!

Rodgie White said...

Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home.

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Zylea Monte said...

Such a Clean Room,I love it...

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Zurick Montero said...

That was a simple and cool photo,It Looks so refreshing and relaxing.Love it. Thanks for sharing this article.

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william said...

wow its beautiful. it looks so elegant
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