Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Location, Location, Location

We just wrapped up an amazing project with fabulous clients in a Boston suburb. This family with two small children has made things easy for us. Each time we work with a new client we love the opportunity for our creativity to unfold. Design has taught us to think outside of the box, giving the client what they want in an incredible way and not imposing our personal style. 

In the grand foyer we brought in a a custom settee, covered in fabric by Ralph Lauren. The round centerpiece table really grounds the open space with the custom Merida carpet. We reframed the clients' artwork and arranged in a neat grid. At the top of the staircase we added a large scale work of art, an Elysian Tree in black and white. Talk about a warm welcome!

We added this carrara marble shelf to the mini alcove in the foyer, a beautiful detail. 

The dining room was a fun space to introduce this Romo floral wallcovering and the drapes in a gorgeous velvet fabric by Cowtan & Tout. The sleek dining room table is by Holly Hunt. As for the pretties, the mirror is from Arteriors and the stunning statement candelabras are from Dune & Duchess.

We finished up the living room with a patchwork rug, as well as a custom window seat and custom pillows.

For the children's music room we created a collage of art from Sugarboo Design.

In the family room we designed a custom coffee table and brought in an abstract art duo.
In the powder room we used a Schumacher wallcovering and simple artwork from Soicher Marin.

A good designer listens; this project was a perfect opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and what fun we had! We're so happy to share this project with you, stay tuned for more projects and happenings at Kelly McGuill Home!


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