Thursday, January 24, 2013

Black and white and Black and white and Black and white

Hugo Guinness image from the Zhush blog
 I may have mentioned in a past blog that purchasing art was something that scared me . My go-to art tended to be architectural elements or mirrors.  And no one is going to  say that you can't do that (I wouldn't listen if they did) if it's something that you like. However, a few years ago I had a desire to add art to my home, I didn't want to nix my beloved mirrors but I did want to add some things that "spoke to me". That was when my lightbulb moment happened.  I realized that art is extremely personal and I needed to find what it was that I loved.  Was it  contemporary art, maybe photography?  I happened upon two amazing London based artists, Hugo Guinness and  Tracy Kendall.  Hugo is know for his bold graphics and black and white block prints.  I've seen his work over the years and was always drawn to it.  My love of black and white and my love of everything big seemed to draw me in.

Dandelions from Sugar and Meows blog

Another amazing artist is Tracy Kendall.  Tracy is a London based wallpaper designer who specializes in using found objects.  I just love her style.

I'd like use several of these "airheads" above and frame them individually.

I've always loved Nate Berkus  and his style.  He is someone who's art totally reflects him.  His  God Bless America piece was created by a Spanish artist.  He mentioned somewhere that he loved having it displayed prominently because it reminds him of how important it is to be a citizen of the world.
Nate Berkus for Elle Decor
Nate took  vintage handwriting samples , blew them up and framed them (see them in green on the back wall), so simple and so beautiful.
I did the same thing a few years back.  I found a letter at Brimfield from the early 1800's, it was written by a brother to his two sisters.  The handwriting is gorgeous but the content of the letter make me cry when I read it.  He talks about missing them dearly and being  sad about not being able to visit during the beautiful New England fall.  I brought the letter to my local print shop and was able to enlarge the pages  and frame it.  I think I'll experiment on a much bigger scale.

Country Living
This gorgeous home in Country Living Magazine has this amazing grid of framed specimens.  I love the look and the repetition is brilliant. Well, now that I know what speaks to me, I need to start looking at making a purchase or maybe I'll add this to my 
 Christmas list for next year might ,  but wait, Valentines day is just around the corner.
All my best, kelly


the gardener's cottage said...

oh that letter from the 1800's sounds heartbreakingly beautiful. i have a few old postcards and the messages that carry in such a small space is just amazing. it seems we don't write like that any longer. love all these images kelly. xo

The Vintique Object said...

Kelly, I recently found an envelope with my great, great grandmother's name on it in a box of things from my aunt. It is gorgeous and I think after reading this post, it will have to be blown up and framed.

An Urban Cottage said...

I love all of these images. I'm not sure why it is but I'm slowly getting rid of all of my artwork that has strong color and I'm gravitating more toward black and white pieces. Old oil poaintings whose years of surface grime reduce their color palette are also attractive to me.