Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Stage or not to Stage?

Have you ever looked at an empty shell and wondered what it would look like furnished? 
That's the question buyers, realtors, builders, and stagers ask themselves all the time.  Beautiful houses with empty rooms and big price tags, often sit unsold because buyers sometimes can't see that potential.
In my previous life, I was a Real Estate Stager, I recently stepped back into that role when the phone rang and it was my friend and long time associate http://www.betsygraziano.com/Betsy Graziano of Coldwell Banker. Asking if I could add some WOW to this already WOW house.....On my first visit, I was blown away.  The details, the space, the light, the windows, the fixture, the hardware, the kitchen, the bathrooms.....every corner amazed me.
Between my love for  Betsy and the sense of what this house could be, I took on the project.  This house was already  beyond , but we took it to another level.  The architect, Patrick Ahearn's  style and talents are everywhere. The kitchen is my all time favorite; created by Brian Hamlin of Hamlin Cabinetshttp://www.hamlincabinets.com/ in Norfolk ,MA.  I felt like I was in Martha Stewart's Turkey Hill home in Connecticut. And last but certainly not least, Douglas Whitla of Whitla Brothers http://www.whitlabrothers.com/ pulled this all together and created a masterpiece( another one)....   This house is big, but never does it feel like that. 
Staging this space was easy, but it' s so important to remember that just like when designing your home , so much has to do with the finishing touches; the artwork, the flowers, the rugs, the eye candy....the things that  pull everything together. .
Prior to staging, this house was a beautiful shell and now it has the feel of a lived in and loved home.


Seagrass Interiors said...

This house looks absolutely stunning! You're style always looks completely comfortable and meant-to-be. You completed that home seamlessly!


Ness Lockyer said...

It is beautiful and your staging - perfect!
Ness xx

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Lovely...warm and comfortable.

Now,let me ask...will the furniture and art come with the home now (at a price?) Where will it all go when the home is sold (if not with the home?)

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

this is so beautiful! congrats on an awesome job!!

Kelly McGuill said...

Hi All, Thanks so much for your kind comments...Much, Much, Much appreciated. Some of the furniture is rented and some comes from my stash. The house will sell unfurnished and we'll have to haul everything out once an offer is accepted. If the homeowners fall in love with anything, there is always a way to work around that. I'll keep you posted.
All my best, kelly o so d

dogsmom said...

Definitely beautifully staged and I would love to see more. But lived in? I think you need a few more touches to get that look. I would be happy living in the garage. (Gorgeous.)
I can see the potential in a cardboard box, so it always amazes me when people refuse a house based on wall color or one rug.
And the tv stagers who want to whitewash everything! People who can not see the beauty and potential in some homes do not deserve them.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. I am always checking it to see if you have posted. But, it's not often enough! Please post more if you can! This house in particular is beautiful! What a great job staging (you did)!


pve design said...

You leave me wanting more...Take me in the garage...and out in the garden....this all seems just a tease! Love your style. so pure and simple.

mydesignchic said...

Staging is essential when selling a home. This is perfection...I could move right in!!


You made it sing girl!!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Wow! This house is going to sell quickly now, beautiful work, you are good! New follower.