Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O so Simple

I've slowly started getting my house ready for the Holidays and as usual, I'm keeping things simple. And I'm not one to haul all the "Christmas Stuff" down from the attic. I love using the items I love year round and just tweaking them for the occasion.

1. White Orchids are "O SO" beautiful and "O SO"easy to care for (get it...after my blog O SO D!" For the holidays I'll add a few ornaments to the moss that covers the pots. It's nothing too crazy, but it does give it a festive flare.

2. Another favorite of mine are the small Alberta spruce trees. I take my favorite vessel and place them inside. They instanly holiday up any space.

3. White or red cyclamen plants add pizzazz to any tabletop. The are a bugger to keep alive (give me an orchid anyday) but they make me happy.

4. I love trees --- big or small but always real!

5. Fairy light, as my friend Elaine from London calls them, add so much to a space at any time of day. Try them on one of those trees or placed in a glass vase.

6. Cylinder vases,with ornaments of all different sizes, make such a fun centerpiece

7. I also love to use inexpensive interior spotlights and shine them on my favorite holiday decoration in any room.

8. Wreaths, both inside and out. They are beautiful and their scent is heavenly.

9. Red berries everywhere ----and anywhere (anyroom --- any surface).

Got to go....I need to stop making lists and start decorating. December 25th is going to be hear before you know it. I’ll keep you posted if I think of anything else.

Fa La LA la LA la la LA La!

These last 5 images are from photo shoots and as you can see I do the same thing.


michelle said...

Your home is O so Gorgeous!! I am loving all the little touches of Christmas! The photo shoots are just beautiful as well!! Love your style!

marie said...

You have beautiful style. I feel very inspired after seeing these amazing photos! I am a minimalist wannabe. You have nailed it! I could O so live thee!

Ness Lockyer said...

I am with you, simple is better. Love your decorating Kelly. I just posted some of mine too. Your home is beautiful and I love wreaths in windows.
Ness xx

Sanctuary Home said...

Simple yet elegant...love it!!!
Susan : )

Nenaghgal said...

Lovely and simple Kelly - thank you for sharing! Love the little trees in pots and with just fairy lights....Hope all is going well for you. Happy Christmas!

Kelle Dame said...

Just found your blog and I love it!! I think my husband would agree that I am O so D too! I have to admit I love being O so D :) Keep it coming!
Happy Holidays

Leigha said...

Mmmmm...it's so good!

Kathysue said...

Kelly all great images, Love the use of white orchids. I think I am going to add more orchids to my design, Kathysue

Darlene said...

did I mention that I love your style?

Mel's Cabin said...

I love this Christmas photo tablesetting in front of the fireplaee. I could do something like this in my cabin. Check out my living room at Mel's Cabin and offer a suggestion or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm reading through your blog for the millionth time. I love your work, your home, so much.

i was wondering if you could tell me the source fo the green lampshades. the are gorgeous!

Thank you,