Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Update on Kelly McGuill Home

        The month of October welcomed an exciting new chapter for Kelly McGuill Home. After nearly ten years in a small, yet beloved space the KMH design team has a new home. We moved into our new office space in the first week of October, located in the town center of Walpole. We are now settled and back into the swing of things! 
Our gorgeous workspace is on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in town, where a ceramics studio existed before us. In a previous post we showed photos of the space in much need of the love and care of Kelly McGuill. The transformation is truly amazing. We had all of the windows painted black and all of the walls painted crisp white. We had every intention to paint the floors black as well because they were in such rough shape; however, when we went to paint we found that we would need to sand the floors down before applying paint. Once we had the floors sanded, we were pleasantly surprised to find gorgeous maple floors and knew we had to refinish them! With new lighting in and the move of our office furniture and sample libraries, we found ourselves settling into Kelly McGuill Home’s new home. 
After our first month here, we have our own work areas established, all of the samples have their own new homes and everything has its own place. There is no question that every day we walk into the office something will be rearranged, but that is expected with the nature of our work! The amount of natural light brings the space to life and the buzzing traffic is now a comforting background noise. The cherry on top - our signs are officially up! We are 'o so' excited to be working on some great commercial projects! The Kelly McGuill Home design team could not be more thrilled for the company and the exciting road ahead!
Here is a little teaser photo of the new office space before we reveal the space as a whole! 
Note: Stella, the KMH mascot's bed has lovely views of all of the passersby under the grand table. 

        Stay tuned for the grand reveal of the space in the next couple of weeks! Check in with us on our website or our Instagram for the day-to-day here at KMH!


ocpio said...

Stunning views! You're doing splendid job. Love it!

A Perfect Gray said...

congrats. looks wonderful. donna

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks absolutely AMAZING! Can't wait to see more!

for the love of a house said...

How exciting! The space is gorgeous. Congrats Kelly!! Love that you have a shop-dog!!

kbd said...

it's beautiful! Wish I had a reason to visit! Congrats

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Nicholas Taylor said...

The Kelly McGuill Home design group has a new home. The newly updated office is on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in town, the former location of the ceramics studio. The transformation is amazing. The windows have black paint, and the walls have crisp white paint. The amount of light enlivens the entire place. The noise from the buzzing traffic is comforting.

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