Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Secrets of a Stylist

“As designers, we love what we see in magazines, 
but truthfully we want our clients to be able to 
live in their homes and have it be practical,” 

-Kelly McGuill

Kelly McGuill Home strives to create an environment for each client that he or she is able to truly enjoy and live in. Living in a home that is constantly looking immaculate is not a realistic way to live. Yes, in magazines and catalogs houses look stunning and effortless; however, the truth is those spaces are styled by professionals. Stylists take out pieces of furniture to create a better composition and sometimes even fake the perspective of furniture for the perfect shot. Here are some easy methods to help style your own home

As one of Kelly's favorites mantras goes... less is more. Spaces begin to come alive when there is not a lot of clutter. Clutter can be a distraction from the focal furniture and accessories. The photo below highlights the pieces of furniture with subtle accessories - simple coffee table tray and books, as well as understated shelving decor. 

Reducing the number of objects on your countertops can make a huge difference in making a space seem instantly larger and more orderly. Kelly enjoys using glass jars, fresh fruit or flowers to make a space come alive. 

Shelving can seem to be an impossible feat when faced with the challenge of filling it. A great way to transform your shelves is to create a balance in various types of objects. For example, you may have some stacked books (horizontal and/or vertical) glass accents, prized objects (trophies, small sculptures, etc.), candle sticks for height and small plants to add some life. A solid balance throughout will make for a both interesting and attractive display.

An easy way to accessorize is with a few smaller books or a couple larger books, try a neutral tray or even fresh flowers or a small plant for some volume. Here's a great side table to add some flare!

Here's to beautiful homes everywhere! Let the charm of your own personal style show and let us know some ways you bring life into your own home! Keep in touch with the Kelly McGuill Home Design Team on our Instagram and website throughout the holidays! 


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