Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mamma Mia J.K. Place, Capri

As I sit at my computer looking out at a foot of snow, with several more inches expected, I've decided to go back to my daydreaming; before shoveling... I've made a slight change of plans for my imagined vacation. I've decided to start at J.K. Place in Capri and then head over to J.K. Place in Florence. When you look at these images, you'll understand why. The location is breath taking, situated on the island of Capri. J.K. Place has many similarities to their sister hotel in Florence but there are several differences. They both maintain their harmony of opposites and simple elegance. I love their use of the ever-so dark floors with incredible moldings and wainscotings. The Capri site takes more chances with color; their use of mustard and blue brings the hotel to life. White leather looking chairs, possibly made of naugahyde, for easy clean up create a stunning balance against the dark floors. Their black and white photos in grid like patterns adds a gallery flair. Modern accessories and furnishing next to an antiques or vintage finds works so well. Join me, won’t you… for our imaginary trip to J.K. Place in Capri and Florence.



1 comment:

Kifus said...

Wow, wouldn't mind spending my holidays here! Lovely place!
That enormous vase in the coffee room is a bit intimidating though!