Tuesday, December 15, 2009


 simple...pine branch in my flea market bottle, a  wreath sits on top of my lion statue ,silver ornaments rest on a wooden form)
Keep it simple sweetie...
This adorable little acronym stands for  for my holiday decorating motto. Two readers asked me to show pictures of my home during the holidays ; here are a few. I've never gone over board on holiday decorating.  In fact, my boys have mentioned that they will most likely need therapy later in life, because I never did  light up villages or colored lights on our outside bushes( I did do twelve years of colored lights on the tree inside) but I guess that doesn't count.  I know what I like and I really like to keep it simple.  I love christmas trees; big ones, small ones, but most of all real ones...I love  little white lights strung on them ..  I love them in baskets and in urns and just about anything that will hold water.  I love cyclamen; the beautiful plant that has shoots of white flowers coming up from a mass of green leaves.I love plain green wreaths,  I love candles and votives.  I love the nativity set that my mother made for me in 1977(she also made one for both of my sisters).  It's always been and will always take center place on the mantel. My mom inscribed on the bottom of each piece; To kelly, love Mom and Dad, 1977.

cyclamen and paperwhites

A big beautiful tree with white lights and the nativity set my mom made me in 1977 and once again ...paperwhites

A vintage bottle dryer gets outfitted with ornaments

Here are some other simple ideas that I love:
I love these socks hung from a rope on something other than the mantle.A  great display of oil lamps .
canadian house and home

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Some of these ideas are simple and some not so simple...but all are beautiful.

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Kifus said...

Hi Kelly! Love to see photos of your rooms. Maybe in a future post you could show us a close up of the nativity set your mother made for you. I'd love to see it!