Monday, December 14, 2009

The gift of a letter

from southern lving magazine

I love letters; I love receiving them , I love writing them ,and lately I've taken to framing them.
Some of the best pieces of art can come from the most unlikely sources.  I cherish letters my sons wrote to me in elementary school and have framed them for all to see. Letters found at flea markets can be copied , enlarged and framed to make for  great conversation pieces.

A letter from my son Casey when he was seven, sits on a shelf in my office.

I found this letter at a flea market.  A brother writes to his sisters about how much he misses both of them and wants to be back in New England. The hand writing is spectacular and the contents of the letter are so sweet.
Another great idea is to take an old recipe; maybe you have one that's been in your family.  Bring it to Staples or Office Max ,have them enlarge it and put onto card stock.  This  transformed  recipe card could look incredible in your kitchen. It's a very affordable piece of art .
So give some thought this holiday season to giving the gift of a letter, it would make me happy.


Anonymous said...

i love letters, i've saved my kids and my boyfriends; now my husbands letters...Maybe i'll frame them.

Lauren said...

what a great idea!!! love the framed letter from your son!!! so adorable!!

great blog & congratulations on starting it!! :)


Kifus said...

Hi Kelly! So excited you've started your blog! And I'm proud to be one of your first followers! I will be adding your blog to my blog list and tomorrow I'll tell everyone to come visit.
That recipe looks exactly the same as the ones my grandmother used to write. I am definitely going to copy your idea.

Welcome to the blog world!

Hanne said...

Hey Kelly

I LOVE the recipe idea - it also really looks like my mom and sister's old receipes - which I have a few in this mess somewhere...something new to add to my list of "to dos"! - but one I'm excited about!


the dd