Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring, Where are you ?

As the Northeast gets walloped with yet another snow storm, I feel the need to have a touch of spring in my life.  So, on a recent trip to the flower market I picked up these green goodies.

And when all else fails or green goodies aren't available, I use jelly beans and white chocolate malted milk eggs for a fix.


Art and Sand said...

I am in southern California so I have flowers and greenery around, but your last photo reminded me that I still have conversation valentine candy in my glass jars. I have to head out today for jelly beans.

Leave it to blogs to remind me of the little details.

Hope spring comes early for you.

An Urban Cottage said...

March always promises spring but it's often a disappointment.

I don't think I mentioned I switch to the Hicks pendant. That's looks great. And is that a new sconce in the family room?

Emily Wignall said...

so lovely. and, the greenery looks so great against all your neutrals. i also love that you have big pots of greenery and also small plants...such a good mix.

Anonymous said...

Adore your home! Every single detail.

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing what changes you've made in your home! One small request, though.... can you show some pics of your master bath? We've gotten a small peak of a picture, but would love to see the rest!

The Vintique Object said...

Eek! Love seeing pictures of your house. Each time, I fall in love with it again. Love the big urn of greenery on your counter top. That and the enamel bread box. :)

for the love of a house said...

Love your house and happy to see you back to blogging!

Monnaie Ernakulam said...

Awesome interior designing and interior furnishing!