Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Road to the White Duplex

Several years ago I worked with a client in Newton. Her  house was featured in The Boston Globe Magazine (check out the press section of my website to read the entire article)kellymcguillhome.com
The article was titled, "The Road to the White House".  It talked about how with the help of my services we were able to create a home that my client loved, using mostly whites, textures and wood.  The exciting news is that after 45 years in this home my client sold her house (in a day) and purchased the first floor of a two story home in neighboring Waltham.  That's where I come in. Luckily for me, she enlisted my help from the get go. This new home is all about the things that she loves, using many of her favorite pieces but also down-sizing and letting go of STUFF. We were so lucky to be able to choose everything (pretty much)as this was a complete interior gut job.  The builder wanted to use dark wood cabinets and we vetoed it, he wanted to use everything that he had used successfully in the past with other clients and we fought him.  I am happy to say that my friend and fabulous photographer Russ Mezikofsky is photographing this space and I'll have new images to share with everyone.  Here a look at some of the other rooms in her old house.

All images Eric Roth


An Urban Cottage said...

Important things first: Is she having a moving sale?

Second: I've looked at these images so many times on your website and love how pared down it is. Where does she keep all her crap?

I'm looking forward to retiring so I can be your assistant.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ok....I need to sell my house (in a day) can I hire you! :)

Can't wait to see her new abode!