Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy

I’ve wanted to say that for a really long time. Actually, I’d like to thank Jessica at 24 corners ,for awarding me with the “Stylish Blogger Award”. I feel very honored.

Now, I’m supposed to share 7 things with everyone…Ok, here goes:

I worked as a sales rep for a brick company for ten years.

I got into flower arranging when I worked for a wealthy client who had amazing gardens. She asked for fresh flower arrangements every day.

I straightened my curly hair for the first 20 years of my life.

I hated garage sales and flea markets as a kid…oye, what’s up with that???

I watch the “Real Housewives” but don’t tell anyone.

I’ve been married to Matt for 22 years…double oye . He likes to say, "it feels like 20 minutes…..UNDER WATER”.

I really do have OCD….but It doesn’t make me obsessive about my house…You should see my closets and drawers…

And that last point brings me to another point….Did you pick up the March issue of O at Home…One of my favorite design people, Peri Wolfman has an article titled”Queen of her Domain” Talk about OCD….She is so cool, so talented and I wish a bit of her organization obsession would rub off on me….Check out these images…

Now as I pass the torch...I'd like to award this to Steve at  An urban cottage .Not only  does Steve have amazing vision, but he  can do the stuff himself.....How cool..I nominate him for HGTV's next design star...
and Ness at  Marley and Lockyer for being incredibly kind and thoughtful and kind and did I mention kind... And last but not least I'd like to nominate my dear friend and interior designer,Tracy of Tracy just started a new blog and I know for sure that it will be amazing...just like her..
thanks Jessica


the gardeners cottage said...

hi kelly,

i love your husbands sense of humor!

and i agree with you re steve.

and i have loved peri wolfman for a long time. that is a great pic of her in the article. i'm gonna have to buy that issue.


Kellie Collis said...

Very well deserved! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

An Urban Cottage said...

Oh, Kelly, you make me blush! I'd love to go on Design Star but I think Vern Yip would make me cry. Thank you for the award (I've been trying to avoid one) but it's your nod that means more to me than anything!

Rae said...

Congratulations! I too watch the "Real Housewives"...definitely one of those hush-hush guilty pleasures! :)

Tracey said...

So fun to get to know you better! Headed to see who Steve is...

Lorie said...

20 minutes under water! I love it! I will have to remember that and use it on my hubby sometime!

And I LOVED that article. I think the one page you didn't show had the pictures she keeps in the postcard rack. I am now obsessed with finding a postcard display rack!

24 Corners said...

Love your list Kelly...I was smiling so much while reading it my cheeks started to hurt, the 20 minutes under water was the clincher!
It's so thrilling to see that Peri is in a magazine...I'll have to get it tomorrow, she's amazing and a design hero of mine, can't wait to read it.
Thanks for sharing the fun tidbits about yourself...and (whispering here) I promise I won't breathe a work about Housewives!
xo Jessica

Anonymous said...

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kelly mcguill said...

Hi All, thanks so much for the really kind comments...So appreciated...Who needs therapy when I have all of you, you make me feel so good about myself..Lori, you are so right on...I loved that photo/postcard rack idea and I've already ordered one...Here is the site's only $42.oo
Steve, you are sooooooooo worthy..I'm in awe and I'm serious about the hgtv design star..

kelly mcguill said...

and I feel like I shouldn't even comment on the last readers comment however, all I can say is you sound like a very sad, angry man...I wish the best for you and I'm a big fan of zoloft ,therapy and chocolate...all my best, kelly

bikim said...

sweet weekend!

Rucy said...

I'm Googling my fingers to nibs trying to find similar baskets to those pictured on the first page of the O article with Peri Wolfman, the ones on which she added dark tags listing the basket contents, any ideas on resources? TIA and love your blog! said...

Hi Rucy, thanks for the comment...The baskets are from Pottery Barn, I'm not sure if they still have the same ones, but I have, kelly

Rucy said...

They appear to no longer be in stock - I'll keep looking for something similar - thanks Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rucy, I think they are the Savannah lidded baskets from Pottery Barn..It looks like they are available to ship late february. good luck, kelly

Kit Mitchell said...

Great post!
Love your work, and Peri Wolfman's too.

Ness Lockyer said...

Thanks Luv!
BTW, I used to hate flea markets and op shops as a kid. My the tables have turned now. I am sure my boys think the same way now..."not this shop Mum".
Peri Wolfman=amazing!! (sung in high pitch opera voice)
Ness xx

Nabe said...

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