Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thinking like Kit Kemp

While visiting London my family stayed at The Haymarket hotel  , designed and owned by Kit Kemp. LOVED IT! What a fabulous place with the most amazing design ideas. The whole experience got me thinking about adding some color to my somewhat neutral home. In the past, when I’ve added anything of substance I get squeamish. I love neutral. I love white, but I also love punches of color in the right places. So, I’ve decided to take it one step at a time as I enter the world of color.

I’ve just added some fabulous blue and white antique platters that I picked up in London (for such a deal) to my black and white living room. It was pretty daring for me. I usually either love something right away or hate it, so I was wondering what would happen. Love it? Hate it? With this addition, I’m just not sure----so, for now they’re staying.

When I left the Haymarket Hotel I had so many ideas of grandeur. Kit uses fabric in the most amazing ways. Certain walls are covered in luxurious fabrics and the pattern is repeated on accent furnishing. For me to even consider attempting this is a huge leap and one that I’m still not sure I’ll take (the blue platter were quite the leap). But, even my contemplation of stepping out of my comfort zone makes me excited. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…. (I'll let you know if I try!).

The artwork in Haymarket left me awestruck. When you walk into the front lobby there is a massive black and white oil painting --- that actually took my breath away. It was done by a local London artist named Robert Virtue. The use of such a large piece in a moderate sized space works and pulls the entire room together.

In all of the rooms, lighting takes on such a place of importance. Everywhere you look you see pendant fixtures, sconces, and table lamps. In each room you’ll see contrasting elements; vintage and modern, black and yellow, wood and metal, shiny and dull, bold and subtle. One thing I know for sure is that Kit is not afraid to experiment or take chances --- and it always works.

The Haymarket Hotel, made me really want to change things up a bit in my own home (hopefully my husband isn’t reading this) ---- take some chances and experiment. I’m ready to do it….tomorrow!
The two last pictures are of my living room that i've tried to jazz up a bit....


Nenaghgal said...

Kelly - love the platters and framed letters? in the last shot - wow lots of colour in the Haymarket....some too much but as a big fan of colour's inspiring...good luck infusing more color into your home

An Urban Cottage said...

Those are some pretty adventurous spaces!! Some are a little scary for me. That black and white painting really caught my eye too. It's got the power of a Franz Kline. And I love the sculpture that echos the shapes in the painting when everything else is so linear.

I LOVE those blue plates in general but I have to say I'm a little indifferent to them there. And I don't think it's a color issue. My initial feeling is the pattern of all of the pieces (the other plates and the letters) in that one grouping are all too much the same size.

Ness Lockyer said...

A little bit of colour is never a bad thing. At least with your neutral base, if you dont like it you can change it quickly without much drama.
Good luck Kelly.
Ness xx

robyn said...

Wow, that is serious BOLDNESS! I adore the first room and I am so in love with that painting. The one room (number 7) has the coolest wall. Is it painted in that pink fade effect or achieved by the lighting? I'm assuming the lighting because it effects the door a bit but I'm not sure. I really like your addition of the blue platters. I think it's an interesting juxtaposition of of color and shape.

Share my Garden said...

Meat platters in the living room! (But I covet the pale one in the centre.) Do you know their history? Take a peek at my blue onion platter in my blog.

Tina said...

Wow Kelly, the Haymarket Hotel looks amazing!!

I love your blue platters on the wall & can't wait to see what else you have been up to:) Wishing you a lovely week as always ~ Tina x

VICKY said...

Love the photography and the design of each room.. It’s sophisticated finishes give it that timeless feel. But the metallic strokes make it radiant! The feeling is luxe!each room is bathed in natural light yet elegant! can't wait to see yours and read your article. thanks for your post.

Mrs. Sutton said...

AMAZING use of colour - so light and airy and spacious that they take it well. It's funny, I'm originally from London and thought I knew it like the back of my hand, but I've never visited the Haymarket hotel. Thanks for the tip - I'll make a special trip now! xx p.s. I LOVE your taste in music!