Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stephen Knollenberg

Stephen Knollenberg is extremely talented.  His style is clean and timeless.  He is able to balance old and new, dark and light, wood and iron and create breath taking spaces.  "Innovation, editing and style are basic fundamentals of Stephen Knollenberg's work".


A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Kelly, His work is very beautiful and offers a wonderful sense of serenity. Thanks so much for sharing this as I just love to learn more about fabulous designers! xoTrina

Seagrass Interiors said...

Love all of your beautiful pictures! I especially love the one with the piano - for some reason I feel like a piano always instantly warms up a room, like someone actually lives there! (I really don't know if that makes sense! : ) Love love love your blog!


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

hi Kelly, what gorgeous images! Each one of them draws me in to look at the subtle layers of detail.

Just beautiful :)


Viera said...

He is definitely on my "list of inspirational designers".

for the love of a house said...

Wow, he really is talented! Love the simplicity of his rooms.

The Polished Pebble said...

Hi Kelly, just stumbled on to your blog and it is so great. Read all of your posts and they hit on so many of my favorite things/people/ideas etc.

I have the farmhouse book and study it often for inspiration in a little house we are working on in Ojai, CA.

By the way I am a Kelley too, only with an ey. My sister in law is also a Kelly and we call each other Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Dr. Seuss) just to keep things straight!

thanks for sharing, kell...ey

Living It At Home said...

Beautiful images and rooms! Love how clean and simple they are. I was wondering if you knew where the coffee table in the second to last picture is from and the two chairs in the last picture.

Please stop by my blog...I am having my first ever giveaway. The Elle Decor, So Chic book!

Love your blog~ jamilyn

Marija said...

Great choice of images from a source with lots to offer. I can't stop thinking about the low-lined green sofa and coffee table. Beautiful scale to the pieces! Love this, I'll be back! Marija