Monday, January 11, 2010

Peri Wolfman and Charles Gold

Sometime in the 90's I walked into a store in New York City called Wolfman-Gold & Good Co., and fell in love, I was hooked.  Not just with the products but with the man and woman behind it all and their design philosophy. I wanted to know everything about this married couple.  Peri is the designer and Charles is the  photographer.Since that day I've amassed a large file of Wolfman -Gold and Good tear sheets. I purchased two copies of their book; A place for everything and everything in its place , just in case one get's lost..  Their sense of style , order and symmetry is mesmerizing.  Here are images of their latest home.  It's a black and white Utopia.
all images are from Elle Decor: Point Click Home


A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Kelly,
Wow, absolutely stunning. I just love the quiet beauty of their designs. Everything looks so graciously harmonious. And love the sweet fringe on their bed cover, how sweet is that! xoTrina

Kifus said...

Gorgeous rooms Kelly! That row of dogs on the bench in the entryway looking at the front door seem as if they were all expectant, waiting for their master to step into the house at any minute. So cute!

for the love of a house said...

I'm soooo envious you have met them! I have followed them for years, and their book "Forks, Knives & Spoons" is one of my favorites- so beautifully photographed and so informative!
Hope the shoot went well!

the gardeners cottage said...

Hi Kelly,

I am a HUGE fan of theirs. I too have their book on storage. I adore their NY loft and everything else they do. Is this house in the new Elle Decor? This house is stunningly simple!!!

Thanks for the post.


Mike said...

My mom says she wants to buy any house designed by them because she feels that every home they work on is beautiful. I have to agree with her they are amazing decorators.

Norma Vavolizza said...

Hi, Kelly,

I saw the article in yesterday's NYT (Home section) on Peri and Charles new home in the Hamptons. A photo of their living room features a fireplace treatment that closely resembles what I have in mind for my own renovation. Would be interested to know how their surround was created. Is there an easy way to get in touch with Peri and Charles? Would appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Many thanks.