Monday, December 7, 2009

2nd day...1st comment

To my kind friend who commented on my 1st blog...Thank you. How did you find me? Because I can't even find me (on my blog that is).. Thanks again.

Paper whites…………

Paper whites are one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet. They so remind me of Christmas and the Holidays. In the past, my husband has asked in a kind way that I never use them in the house because he hates the smell. Some people love the smell and others think it reminds them of things that I'd rather not mention on the second day of my blog. Well, this year on a recent trip to the flower market I saw the most beautiful Paper white plants; potted in terra cotta with their bulbs exposed, moss tucked between the tops. How could I pass these up???? I decide to try something different which is a bit obsessive and crazy. Daily I pick off a large amount of the beautiful flower but still leave quite a few. So far no one in my family has commented on a strange smell and my husband hasn't banned them from my family room…yet

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Anonymous said...

you go girl, love the blog and hate the smell of paperwhites