Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Simple Changes

Simple Changes make a world of a difference. Isaac Wood, an up and coming photographer, came over yesterday to photograph some images of a few simple changes that we made to a screened in porch and laundry room. They were small changes, yet they made such a positive difference, and the pictures came out stunning, so we thought we would share them with you!

After years of use, the laundry room needed a facelift, so we decided to put in some new white hexagonal floor tile, and inexpensive white subway tile from Home Depot. These small details made for such an appealing, inexpensive renovation to a room that sees lots of dirty socks. The Boston Functional light fixture forms a beautiful relationship with the painted black window panes. This makes the room so much more appealing, don't you agree? We plan to add some shelving and accessories, but how simple and adorable is this laundry room!

The focal point of the screened in porch is oh so obviously the white, tufted naugahyde ottoman. We had this made by the fabulous Lauren Michaels Design. It adds a cozy feel, and makes for enjoying the view with your feet up so fun! The texture from the wicker, as well as the baskets, and wood elements make the contrast in the space so amazing. We used Perennials fabric on the cushions and pillows to give way to stress free entertaining in a place that sees a lot of traffic. As Kelly always says, the porch should be an extension of the way you live inside of your home. 

Also depicted in the image: Mainly Basket sofas, West Elm console, Raw hide from the Raw Hide Company, Perennials fabrics, and of course, Green apples from Whole Foods (: 

So our advice to you is this: Look around for some simple changes you can make to your home that will make you smile and create a wonderful space for you to live in. 

xoxo Kelly McGuill Home Design Team

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