Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make a grand entrance!

We've all heard the saying before that you can only make one first impression. Well, that got me thinking when I picked up the latest copy of Veranda magazine (feb issue). The foyer on the cover is so welcoming and beautiful and inviting .. I don’t have much of a foyer or entrance in my home. I’ve tried to make the best first impression by adding two really large rectangular mirrors on one wall ,in hopes of making the space seem larger and on the other wall I’ve added my photo grid of black and white pictures of my adorable sons with Pottery barn frames . If you’re lucky enough to have a foyer or if you have only a small space, why not make it a space that’s inviting and makes that amazing first impression. Clear out the clutter and add a fabulous table ,some amazing artwork or something that speaks to you...what ever it may be…Here are some of my favorite entrances….And speaking of first impressions, you have all made such an amazing first impression on me (and second and third, and so on). Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I started this a year ago as a way to have fun and share some ideas…Your comments make me so happy . Thank you, thank you, thank you….you’ve made such an impression…xo, kelly

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Monday, December 27, 2010

just add green

Looking back over many of the jobs that I’ve had the pleasure to work on, I’ve found many decorative elements that I repeat to brighten up a space. My all time favorite (other than removing clutter ) is to add a bowl of bright green apples….the kitchen; of course, family room …yes, yes, yes…bathroom…maybe not. Any vessel will do; clear, ceramic, enamel, wood, glass…just about anything you have on hand. The green color of the apples  makes your space shine and the apples last forever…ok , maybe for a couple of months and they are so good to eat.....….. Green plants are another go to for me...So simple and yet so beautiful in any space...  Here are a few images that I've been involved in and some other "eye candy" images for your viewing pleasure.  Happy Holidays, kelly



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love this idea

I picked up a copy of one of my favorite mags; Canadian House and Home magazine (December issue).  In the Design lessons section (page 72) they featured an article titled; Open House Secrets.  The entertaining ideas were fabulous and useful.  One that I really liked was the use of an inexpensive wicker trunk from Ikea to use as a discreet beverage fridge.  They place two Styrofoam coolers inside to keep bottled drinks frosty and free up space in the fridge for food.  I tried unsuccessfully to download the image so instead I picked up a wicker trunk on one of my jaunts to Ikea.  Here is a shameful attempt to reproduce a similar look.  I’m definitely doing this for Christmas.  My husband loves to use coolers in the house to store beer and the likes (for parties), and I’m not a fan of the look.  I’ll take pictures and share the after with you.  I’ve also included some of my other favorite entertaining items.  Happy Christmas to each and every one of you. Love, kelly

I love these little trivets of wood from Winston Flowers in Boston.  I use them for everything, they look great when layering or placing a hot pot onto.
Small white square dishes from Crate and Barrel are inexpensive and work really well as hors d'oeuvres dishes.
Vintage jelly jars are a great gift and a perfect way to display my collection of coin silver
Inexpensive wine glasses ($1.99) from Ikea...I buy them by the crate.
Wine decanter from Pottery Barn, I love them for wine but they are also a great vase for a ilex berry branches.
My favorite wine makes everyone  feel festive...J vineyards , pinot gris ...yum

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O so Simple

I've slowly started getting my house ready for the Holidays and as usual, I'm keeping things simple. And I'm not one to haul all the "Christmas Stuff" down from the attic. I love using the items I love year round and just tweaking them for the occasion.

1. White Orchids are "O SO" beautiful and "O SO"easy to care for (get it...after my blog O SO D!" For the holidays I'll add a few ornaments to the moss that covers the pots. It's nothing too crazy, but it does give it a festive flare.

2. Another favorite of mine are the small Alberta spruce trees. I take my favorite vessel and place them inside. They instanly holiday up any space.

3. White or red cyclamen plants add pizzazz to any tabletop. The are a bugger to keep alive (give me an orchid anyday) but they make me happy.

4. I love trees --- big or small but always real!

5. Fairy light, as my friend Elaine from London calls them, add so much to a space at any time of day. Try them on one of those trees or placed in a glass vase.

6. Cylinder vases,with ornaments of all different sizes, make such a fun centerpiece

7. I also love to use inexpensive interior spotlights and shine them on my favorite holiday decoration in any room.

8. Wreaths, both inside and out. They are beautiful and their scent is heavenly.

9. Red berries everywhere ----and anywhere (anyroom --- any surface).

Got to go....I need to stop making lists and start decorating. December 25th is going to be hear before you know it. I’ll keep you posted if I think of anything else.

Fa La LA la LA la la LA La!

These last 5 images are from photo shoots and as you can see I do the same thing.