Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Introducing the fabulous and talented..Hanne (pronounced Hannah) Damish

I love the word serendipity and that word is how I’d describe meeting Hanne years ago. Such destiny that two women only blocks away would become such great friends and have so much in common… Hanne’s house is on my running route (ok..very slow jogging route) . I figured I should introduce myself because I was afraid that the homeowners thought I was stalking. You see, Hanne is an accomplished gardener. She has worked commercially as a container gardener and also a residential gardener. As I jogged by, I would stop and look and take every thing in (sometimes stopping for long periods of time) .Hanne's window boxes are works of art. Several years ago we met and became friends. Eventually, I asked Hanne if she would ever be interested in styling and she said yes... and thus became our illustrious friendship and career together. We travel quite a bit , we’ve had really long road trips and talk about so many things. One discussion that kept coming up was Hanne’s kitchen. She lives in a beautiful Cape, however she felt the rooms, especially the kitchen were too small. The adjoining living room was hardly ever used .So she planned and we discussed and she drew out plans for her new expanded kitchen. Hanne is a do it yourself person…She paints, she moves, she’ll do anything(almost anything)….. So the kitchen evolved. She hired John Piccarilli an amazing local Walpole carpenter to take down the wall, add bead board and fix a gap between two different level hardwood floors. Hanne took down cabinet doors, painted Formica, painted walls and trim , rearranged furniture. added new lighting and a small island.. How serendipitious.

Hanne's house before
hanne's after

Friday, July 16, 2010

Inside out magazine/Australia

May-June 2010 issue of Inside-out Magazine/ Australia features the home of designer Greg Mellor and his partner, Nick Krull.  Their home, their stlye, their ideas are amazing. Contrast of light and dark abound.  Texture is everywhere.  I can't stop looking at their lighting, accessories and  artwork . Greg and Nick's story about the entire renovation is awesome and inspiring. These tear sheets will be on my inspiration board for a long time. Unfortunately, these were the only images that I could copy and paste.  Check out Greg Mellor's website for more amazing images.http://www.gregorymellor.com/
Gregory's Tips

• There are no set rules in terms of style; in fact I believe a room is made more interesting by mixing styles and using disparate references. However, the elements do need to work together and not compete, and there should be a thread of consistency between rooms to avoid a home becoming a theme park.

• Proportion is of the utmost importance, and keeping proportions correct. One can play with proportions to add interest to a room, however it must make sense and not appear as if it is a mistake.

• Keep the room classic and as timeless as possible, and then accessorise. Decoration can be changed easily to keep a room up-to-date. This will help the longevity of the design and avoiding the use of gimmicky fads that are so often overdone.

• If there is a concept - it should be done with an attitude. There is nothing less convincing than something half-baked or apologetic.

• Collections help show personality in a room, whether it be old trophies, books, antiques - even garden implements. It is fun to start a collection and Salvos Stores is the perfect place to start sourcing and adding to your collection. Therefore always be on the lookout for another piece to add to it when shopping.

• Never be afraid to mix old and new, it layers a room, which makes it look quirky and lived in.

• A pair of large-scale glass vases could make great table lamps - often using objects in a different context to their original function helps an interior maintain uniqueness and avoids the ‘cookie cutter' look.

• Don't be afraid of using bold colour. If you see a piece that might be the correct proportion but it is in a dull brown veneer - imagine it in a glossy black or red lacquer- it might be perfect.

• When looking for books to fill bookcases, check below the dustcover. Often tattered and stained dustcovers can be off putting, but the linen beneath is fine. Alternatively, cover a large collection of old books in shiny white (or coloured) paper for a quick update to a bookcase.

• Salvos Stores are also some of the best best places to look for old baskets - again this could be for a collection, and baskets are very effective accessories.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

My friend Tracy Parkinson of Nest and company turned me on to the new show on Planet Green called "The Fabulous Beekman Boys."http://www.planetgreen.com/. It's the best thing that has happened to reality TV since 9 by design has been on summer hiatus. Go on demand, check out their blog http://www.beekman1802.com/ but definitely check them out. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge transplanted themselves from New York City to Beekman Farm in Upstate New York, where they raise goats, pigs, chickens, etc. The farm is a totally self sustaining farm where each episode humors us and teaches us so many incredible life lessons. By saying that, I don’t want you to think this is at all boring….I smile through the entire 24 minutes and laugh out loud…I’m scouring every room  and every event for details . Brent a former Martha Stewart living executive and Josh a now advertising guru have the most incredible taste. Their line of soaps made from goats milk sell to boutique type shops including Anthropologie. Their blog has the most beautiful images and recipes. I’m hooked …and I know you will be too. Josh and Brent are a real couple…they are up and they are down, they are loving and kind and at times not so loving and kind… So cool, so fun…..thanks, Tracy.